I am attempting to create a platform that would provide all the information that a common American may need to keep his house safe from all kinds of pests.

In addition to keeping the house safe, I would also like to share information that would help a general reader in getting the right kind of help in case of an infestation.

Below I share with you some of the ways through which you can help in creating a perfect resource platform for pest control.

1) Stories


Personal stories from homeowners about how they were affected by the pests and the steps that they took to get rid of the pests. In order to submit a story please share your location and the type of help that you received.

All the personal information would not be shared. Describe your interesting stories and send them to us. These stories provide a personal look in the lives of people who have actually suffered from pest infestation and successfully eradicated it.

2) Photos and Videos


You can share informative videos or photos. You can also submit photos and videos with your infestation story. This kind of information would greatly assist us in pinpointing the causes of infestation and professional help that is available at such locations.

The photos and videos should not depict nudity and should not be offensive for the audience. Any video or photo that does not meet this criteria would not be shared on the forums.

3) Online and Offline resources


Name and addresses of the shops, good books that can help in case of a pest infestation. Useful websites, photos, blogs and other such resources would be valued as well. You can share your experience regarding different pest control shops.

Do you have additional resources you’d like to recommend? Send us an email and let us know what we missed!