Books are a great way to learn new things about the world around us. You can find nearly all kinds of information in books. Below I would be sharing some of the most amazing books over pest control.

These books would not only provide you information about different kinds of pest infestations but would also recommend amazing remedies that can save you thousands of dollars.

1) Natural Control of Garden Pests by Jackie French


This amazing book was launched in Dec, 2002 with a single aim of educating the people of America about different pest control techniques.

This book is particularly great for those that love gardening. The detailed illustrations and witty writing make it a must read.

2) Mole Catching by Jeff Nicholls


If you like reading about real life events and progression about how people triumph over adversity than this book is certainly for you. The author shares some of the most awesome techniques to get rid of pest by narrating examples from his own life.

It feels like reading novel that is based on reality. An entertaining and educational read for anyone willing to learn about pest control in a relaxed and witty manner.

3) Organic Vegetable Production : A Complete Guide by Gareth Davies


For people who love to grow their own food or farm professionally this book contains a wealth of info relating to pest control, gardening and farming.

This book provides a detailed look in the unseen world of farms and gardens. It shares very interesting facts about different kinds of pests.