My name is Morgan brand and I have been working in the pest control industry for 25 years. Over the span of my career I have learned all types of methods used to deal with different kinds of pest.

The purpose of this website is to shed light some of the methods through which you can protect your house from pest infestation. Over the years due to increasing population and deteriorating environmental conditions pest infestations have become a common occurrence that affect millions of Americans every year.

Pest not only cause health concerns but also destroy the mental peace of the individual. Their eating and mating habits tend to destroy the living space. In this blog I would be sharing some very useful resources that you can use in order to protect your house from pest infestation.


I would also be sharing many health concerns that could arise from pest infestation and would help families across America to face this epidemic. I would also create a forum that the readers can use to engage with me by asking questions or sharing their recommendations.

I hope to share valuable information, resources and methods that would ensure the health and safety of your home and family.